Daily Prompt : Take Care

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.-Jim Rohn


“Take care” two words.But have meaning more than what we understand, It defines a lot.

When i was kid, I never have to ask anything . My mother was always there, her care, her love will make things better and when she is around , I knew she will take care.

when i started staying far away from my hometown(Previously for higher studies and now for job) without my parents , staying with friends. Then when i was sick i have always miss the warmth of love,the care which mother has taken .But i am blessed to have friends who are always there to take care . I don’t have to ask them , they are always  there.

When we take care of some one it’s shows the care we do. It defines our love for that person .


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  1. your last line got the gist of all !

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