Chaand | Moon

When moon was shy  and  was hiding behind the clouds.




This photos are clicked by me on Supermoon day, Chennai , India


chaand ki yeh koshish bhi rang nahi layi,

Tujhse jyaada khubsurat lagne ki chaah main,

aaj usne phirse maat khayi

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  1. nice one!

  2. Beautiful words… and a perfect picture. 🙂

  3. Very nice. If I may venture some advice, watermark it with your name or some kind of identification. Content is ripped off by a lot of people from the internet, notably major publications. You may not necessarily see your writing and pictures as money-generating exercises. But these belong to you and nobody should be allowed to steal them from you.

    Also, I find, putting a border around pictures makes them stand out even better. You can do this easily on Paintbrush or Powerpoint. My two bits, only. Keep clicking, keep writing. 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment . Surely I will put some watermark and a border around .
      Thanks for the valuable suggestiong , feel free always for more suggestiong as i am just amateur and you are too good at it.
      keep reading 🙂


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