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Where do your morals come from — your family? Your faith? Your philosophical worldview? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?

Definition of morality What i found on internet is

  Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. 

How morality is defined ? I feel it is individual’s principle which defines morality.Morality is very wide subject, It keep changing from country to country , culture to culture,family
to family or individual to individual.

One thing which is moral for me is immoral for you.
Drinking alcohol in India is immoral , but in other countries  its moral.
For one family inter-caste marriage is a sign of immorality but for other family , it’s a open-mindedness.
There are many other examples you and me can find around us , sometimes what we feel is inappropriate is acceptable to others.
For me Morality is something what i learn of my own,Meeting different People, Going to different cities , Being with different family and learning the way of living life and defining my own principles based on which my morality defines.

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  1. Point home driven very well! As a minority in minority always have been challenged to justify myself because we believe otherwise, may do otherwise and vice versa have observed my mates doing things their way. To me these are invigorating aspects of life and to everyone his/her own!

    However problem begins, where bigotry and and prejudice are not only thought, but taken as the normal and either-you-accept-tor-you-are-my-enemy-attitude over take the society structure!

    LIVE and let LIVE – PLEASE!!

    • Thanks for reading my blog
      Good to know your thoughts on it.
      Exactly what i believe in Live and Let Live.
      Having our own moral values , having our own principles is our s, we should not suppress someone else thoughts for sake of our own principles

  2. For me morality would be defined in terms of what can hurt another human being on account of our thoughts, words or deeds., done with that intention. Otherwise, morality can become very fuzzy and in conflict with our reasoning, even though it may be defined as such by the rest of the society. I think our intentions count the most.

    • Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog .
      Indeed we all have our own perception for the morality, at the end it should serve its purpose of being good to society.

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