2013 –> 2014

By the time I am writing it’s already a New Year in New-Zealand , which I came to know through one of the News channel and curious soul in me Google it and yes It’s new year. Happy New year Guys, here in India still 5+ hours are left to welcome new year.

Last day of the year and the way we do it every year, sit back and think . How year was ? what we have learned?
what we have lost ? How many new friends we have made ? how many people close to heart, have decided to part away ?Balance sheet of our year will be ready with the tick of the clock at 00.01 AM in the night.

whatever happens it’s a consequences of our choices .

Quote from Bhagvad Gita says

“you have the freedom to choose your actions,
you don’t have the freedom to choose the consequences of your actions”.

Year 2013 was of mixed feelings of ups and downs , happiness and sadness , achievements and failures , regrets and let go .
At the end , it’s all about memories and learning you had , how you are growing , how many steps you have taken towards achieving your goals. I am still waiting for the success but I know I have definitely taken a step closer to it.

So many new things I have learned , career has grown from one level to another.
Started new things , new hobbies . continuing few of them and stopped few because of laziness and procrastination.

I have understood one thing keep doing whatever you feel like , you never know what you learn. Do what you want to do , you never know when your life will get over.

My motto for the new year is GO GET IT .

Happy New year ,
Welcome 2014 with New Hopes.


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  1. Nice post…Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year


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