Other side of Motivation

Inspiration to write this post came after the Talk given by my Company’s CEO few days back,That made me think about the other side of motivation and the argument she put was valid and acceptable.

I do read lot of Motivational books;on Leadership, on Management .Quotes on Motivation is always among my favorites, Still I have never read it or never heard it from anyone what she said.

what she said was,

You cannot Motivate anyone , You can give them the environment , you Can support them but the motivation is always a Self Motivation.

isn’t it True ? We read Motivational books, We listen to motivational audio’s. We go and attend Motivational Lectures by successful people, we go through their autobiography or biography to find out what different they did.

In this process, what we are doing is finding a Moment, event or a Quote which can motivate .
At one point we may find it , but the most important thing is what we are doing after finding it .

We are acting on it or we continue living our life without being motivated.

For me, Motivation is always a within, you can motivate your friends , colleagues , Juniors , relatives by sharing your story or any thing by which they feel better or motivated .

At the end its individual’s choice . What he or she wants to do ?

Do share what you think about it.

Keep smiling,
Cheers ,
Dewang Vora

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