So It’s 2015 .

If I say it was an Amazing year, then I would be lying to you all. If I want to sum it up it was a roller-coaster ride for me this year.

One thing was common this year too, That was disconnecting myself from the people who are no longer required or who are nothing more than a bad memory. If I say there was no pain in doing so ,then I would be lying to you all, Yes pain is inevitable. But having such people with negativity around is not going to help you anyway, It will further bring you down. Got a new Job at the start of the year, learnt a  new Game i.e., Ultimate Frisbee. Started Loving the beach more and more and more. I remember spending more than 10 hours on the beach during Frisbee tournament .

Love for food is still intact, But Ghumtabhukkad is not the priority for time being. Found new interest like every year i.e, Banking(Hope I complete my Diploma soon).

This year was a bit painful in terms of my proximity with Doctors, been to them quiet often for some or the other reason. But then you meet a Doctor who is lovable as well.

Amongst few memories I have for 2014 is the trip with my chuddy buddy shadab, sud, Dilu, chiru though Adi was missing but nobody, I say nobody, can replace Adi because he is gem of a person.

Started living alone as my long time roomie shail got married. It’s fun to stay alone cook your own food and eat.

Few Good news in the Family.
Degree of satisfaction and contentment has increased as compared to last year, but hunger for them make me grow further in my career and life .

Met amazing people; Doctor , Architect, Journalist , Traveller , Entrepreneur and many more.

I am totally in love with the way things are going in my life.

On this note, Wish you all a happy new year …

Dewang vora

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  1. Dileshwar

     /  January 1, 2015

    Bhai…include me in ur bad as well as good moments


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