Hill side Ride

Finally I have started practising for the Chennai Duathlon, obviously because of motivation from Manoj bhai and Goral. It was 9 th session which we i was planning with Manoj bhai my fitness buddy.
so after 8 running session we wanted to check our cycling performance and also we wanted to get familiar with the route we are going to run on day of Duathlon.

woke up early and took my cycle out, with the cold bones it’s a real tough task to take cycle 2 floors down on the shoulder.Pleasant early morning after the continuous shower from few days and with the first push on the pedal, ride begins.

As planned met manoj bhai near nilgiris, initially ride was tough as lot of headwinds were slowing down us and making me push pedal harder.headwinds are the enemy you have when you ride, But when it is in your practice ride it makes you tough.

As we passed shollingnallur manoj bhai wanted to push more and wanted to go to Siruseri and then comeback but that would have been a real long ride but I asked him to keep it short and stick to our plan.

once we took left from OMR towards DLF then I started enjoying my Ride, landscape around is picturesque I am excited enough to run and ride on duathlon day, only pain was weird speed breaker in bollineni township.
once we reached Hillside we took break for water and some selfies and manoj bhai inspected the construction of his future home. In Spite of going back to same route we took exit from the Hillside gate and we were into all green landscape. But the sad thing about it is, all that is short lived because of the amount of construction going around.
We are the  contributor in making this world a Concrete Jungle.

Development has it’s own cost to pay.

On the route, which will take us near global hospital we show a Balaji temple and trust me that was something I was awe at first glance, to have a look at Balaji we took U-turn took darshan again and continued our ride.
Ride was bit bumpy  due to bad road but then what more can you expect where so much of construction is happening, with this bumpy part of ride it calls us for a tea, we stopped on the way and had a 2 cup of tea. once the tea and some photos were taken we were back on our saddle.


we wanted to avoid shollingnallur square so we took route from SEZ. Manoj bhai didn’t knew about this route so I lead him and he was happy to ride on it as it has no traffic Because it passes through pallikarnai bird sanctuary.

once we were back on OMR we found out that the drizzle what we faced were strong shower in this part and that lead to lot of water on the roads and that in turn made our cycle and us all muddy.

At the end amid light drizzle i took diversion to my house and reached home, took my cycle 2 floors up on my shoulders but with more energy than I had in morning.

Gave a good wash to my cycle to make it mud free and cleaned it with dry cloth to make it rust free 😛
At the end it was 20 km rainy ride for me.

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