I have always admired the people who can complete Triathlon; Just imagine the Running, Cycling, Swimming altogether. I came to know about it around 4 years back through one of the CTC’s Event and from then on I have always followed every news of it, and then Milind soman made it famous in India after he participated and finished it in Singapore last year, But then I have never given a thought to it as I don’t know swimming and I don’t know when I will be learning it.

Last year I heard about Mongrels Chennai Duathlon, but at that point, I was neither cycling nor running regularly; Even for the sprint category which is for beginners, you need some amount of practice and stamina which I didn’t had.

Year passed by and again it was announced and without giving a thought I registered for Chennai Duathlon 2016 along with Manoj Bhai in Sprint Category. They keep 2 categories Sprint and Classic; In Sprint category participants have to run 5 km – cycle 20 km and run 2.5 km. In Classic Category Participants have to run 10 km – 40 km cycle and 5 Km run.

Registration for any event is the Easiest thing, Real struggles start when you start training for it. Before I go for any event I generally read a lot about it, As this event is comparatively new I didn’t get much to read. I always knew that I will be able to finish this but the real question was that how much time I will take to complete the course.

With all this in my mind, Me along with Manoj Bhai Started our Run and cycle only 3 weeks before the event, Just imagine how much we fought with our laziness, but then we won and practice begins, after a few days of running and cycling, we set a target of 3 hours for us to complete the Duathlon.

On a Race Day I woke up early at 3.00 AM, You call it night I will call it an early Morning and met Manoj Bhai at the meeting point and we rode our cycles for another 10 KM to reach the Starting Point. Upon reaching atmosphere was electrifying, you can see that adrenaline rush around, that laughter, that happiness is something you cannot stay away from.

We did quick warm up with the group of participants and we were ready to push ourselves and my target of 3 hours was reduced to 2.30 hours and Manoj Bhai was still targeting 3 hours to finish.

I completed my first 5 km strongly, I did a lot of running which I was not expecting, wherein Manoj Bhai preferred to walk as he was struggling with his knees. Once running was done I went straight to my cycle and started cycling with the easy pace and was going fine. After U-turn Manoj Bhai was able to catch up with me and he went ahead with a good speed and I chose to go at constant pace and then the toughest part of the course was another 2.5 km run and I did that too pushed my self to the extent and upon crossing the finish line I was happy that I finished it in 2: 15 hours  and Manoj Bhai was waiting for me at finishing line, he finished it in 2:11 hours.

After reaching the finishing line, we took few photos, took our medal and had scrumptious breakfast. I must say Mongrels did amazing arrangements and It was well supported by them, Not to forget the smiling volunteers at every pit stops to help us with water and fruits.


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