I have always admired the people who can complete Triathlon ; Just imagine the Running, Cycling, Swimming altogether. I came to know about it around 4 years back through one of the CTC’s Event and from then on I have always followed every news of it, and then Milind soman made it famous in India after he participated and finished it in Singapore last year, But then I have never gave a thought to it as I don’t know swimming and I don’t know when I will be learning it.

Last year I heard about Mongrels Chennai Duathlon, but at that point I was neither cycling nor running regularly; Even for the sprint category which is for beginners you need some amount of practice and stamina which I dint had.

Year passed by and again it was announced and without giving a thought I registered for Chennai Duathlon 2016 along with Manoj bhai in Sprint Category. They keep 2 categories Sprint and Classic ; In Sprint category participants have to run 5 km – cycle 20 km and run 2.5 km. In Classic Category Participants have to run 10 km – 40 km cycle and 5 Km run.

Registration for any event is the Easiest thing, Real struggles starts when you start training for it. Before I go for any event I generally read a lot about it, As this event is comparatively new I dint got much to read about it. I always knew that I will be able to finish this but the real question was that how much time I will take to complete the course.

With all this in my mind, Me along with Manoj Bhai Started our Run and cycle only 3 weeks before the event, Just imagine how much we fought our laziness but then we won and practice begins, after few days of running and cycling, we set a target of 3 hours for us to complete the Duathlon.

On a Race Day I woke up early at 3.00 AM, You call it night I will call it an early Morning  and met Manoj Bhai at meeting point and we rode our cycles for another 10 KM to reach the Starting Point. Upon reaching their atmosphere was electrifying, you can see that adrenaline rush around, that laughter, that happiness is something you cannot stay away from.

We did quick warm up with the group of participants and we were ready to push ourselves and my target of 3 hours was reduced to 2.30 hours and Manoj Bhai was still targeting 3 hours to finish.

I completed my first 5 km strongly, I did a lot of running which I was not expecting, wherein manoj bhai preferred to walk as he was struggling with his knees. Once running was done I went straight to my cycle and started cycling with the easy pace and was going fine. After U-turn manoj bhai was able to catch up with me and he went ahead with a good speed and I chose to go at constant pace and then the toughest part of the course was another 2.5 km run and I did that too pushed my self to extent and upon crossing the finish line I was happy that I finished it in 2 :15 hours  and Manoj bhai was waiting for me at finishing line, he finished it in 2:11 hours.

After reaching finishing line, we took few photos, took our medal and had scrumptious breakfast. I must say Mongrels did amazing arrangements and It was well supported by them, Not to forget the smiling volunteers at every pit stops to help us with water and fruits.



Hill side Ride

Finally I have started practising for the Chennai Duathlon, obviously because of motivation from Manoj bhai and Goral. It was 9 th session which we i was planning with Manoj bhai my fitness buddy.
so after 8 running session we wanted to check our cycling performance and also we wanted to get familiar with the route we are going to run on day of Duathlon.

woke up early and took my cycle out, with the cold bones it’s a real tough task to take cycle 2 floors down on the shoulder.Pleasant early morning after the continuous shower from few days and with the first push on the pedal, ride begins.

As planned met manoj bhai near nilgiris, initially ride was tough as lot of headwinds were slowing down us and making me push pedal harder.headwinds are the enemy you have when you ride, But when it is in your practice ride it makes you tough.

As we passed shollingnallur manoj bhai wanted to push more and wanted to go to Siruseri and then comeback but that would have been a real long ride but I asked him to keep it short and stick to our plan.

once we took left from OMR towards DLF then I started enjoying my Ride, landscape around is picturesque I am excited enough to run and ride on duathlon day, only pain was weird speed breaker in bollineni township.
once we reached Hillside we took break for water and some selfies and manoj bhai inspected the construction of his future home. In Spite of going back to same route we took exit from the Hillside gate and we were into all green landscape. But the sad thing about it is, all that is short lived because of the amount of construction going around.
We are the  contributor in making this world a Concrete Jungle.

Development has it’s own cost to pay.

On the route, which will take us near global hospital we show a Balaji temple and trust me that was something I was awe at first glance, to have a look at Balaji we took U-turn took darshan again and continued our ride.
Ride was bit bumpy  due to bad road but then what more can you expect where so much of construction is happening, with this bumpy part of ride it calls us for a tea, we stopped on the way and had a 2 cup of tea. once the tea and some photos were taken we were back on our saddle.


we wanted to avoid shollingnallur square so we took route from SEZ. Manoj bhai didn’t knew about this route so I lead him and he was happy to ride on it as it has no traffic Because it passes through pallikarnai bird sanctuary.

once we were back on OMR we found out that the drizzle what we faced were strong shower in this part and that lead to lot of water on the roads and that in turn made our cycle and us all muddy.

At the end amid light drizzle i took diversion to my house and reached home, took my cycle 2 floors up on my shoulders but with more energy than I had in morning.

Gave a good wash to my cycle to make it mud free and cleaned it with dry cloth to make it rust free 😛
At the end it was 20 km rainy ride for me.

Lost & Found

Title Says it all.

Lost because, I was so much lost that I lost my Blog id and Blog Name.
I literally Google it.

Found because my Google search was successful and I found the link to my blog.

Lost in terms of interest which I had and now I don’t.

Found in terms of partner about whom I mentioned a word in a previous post and now she is life to me.



So It’s 2015 .

If I say it was an Amazing year, then I would be lying to you all. If I want to sum it up it was a roller-coaster ride for me this year.

One thing was common this year too, That was disconnecting myself from the people who are no longer required or who are nothing more than a bad memory. If I say there was no pain in doing so ,then I would be lying to you all, Yes pain is inevitable. But having such people with negativity around is not going to help you anyway, It will further bring you down. Got a new Job at the start of the year, learnt a  new Game i.e., Ultimate Frisbee. Started Loving the beach more and more and more. I remember spending more than 10 hours on the beach during Frisbee tournament .

Love for food is still intact, But Ghumtabhukkad is not the priority for time being. Found new interest like every year i.e, Banking(Hope I complete my Diploma soon).

This year was a bit painful in terms of my proximity with Doctors, been to them quiet often for some or the other reason. But then you meet a Doctor who is lovable as well.

Amongst few memories I have for 2014 is the trip with my chuddy buddy shadab, sud, Dilu, chiru though Adi was missing but nobody, I say nobody, can replace Adi because he is gem of a person.

Started living alone as my long time roomie shail got married. It’s fun to stay alone cook your own food and eat.

Few Good news in the Family.
Degree of satisfaction and contentment has increased as compared to last year, but hunger for them make me grow further in my career and life .

Met amazing people; Doctor , Architect, Journalist , Traveller , Entrepreneur and many more.

I am totally in love with the way things are going in my life.

On this note, Wish you all a happy new year …

Dewang vora

मैं हूँ ना

किसी के लिए पहेली ,
तो किसी के लिए खुली किताब हूँ मैं।

किसी की ज़रुरत ,
तोह किसी का गुज़रा हुआ कल हूँ मैं।

किसी की चाहत ,
तोह किसी के अंदर छुपा हुआ दर्द हूँ मैं।

किसी की सोच मैं हूँ,
तोह किसी के यादों मैं हूँ।

किसी के दिल मैं हूँ,
तोह किसी के साँसों मैं हूँ।

जैसा भी हूँ , जहा भी हूँ,
अब तोह बस तुम्हारा हूँ।

Cheers ,

Other side of Motivation

Inspiration to write this post came after the Talk given by my Company’s CEO few days back,That made me think about the other side of motivation and the argument she put was valid and acceptable.

I do read lot of Motivational books;on Leadership, on Management .Quotes on Motivation is always among my favorites, Still I have never read it or never heard it from anyone what she said.

what she said was,

You cannot Motivate anyone , You can give them the environment , you Can support them but the motivation is always a Self Motivation.

isn’t it True ? We read Motivational books, We listen to motivational audio’s. We go and attend Motivational Lectures by successful people, we go through their autobiography or biography to find out what different they did.

In this process, what we are doing is finding a Moment, event or a Quote which can motivate .
At one point we may find it , but the most important thing is what we are doing after finding it .

We are acting on it or we continue living our life without being motivated.

For me, Motivation is always a within, you can motivate your friends , colleagues , Juniors , relatives by sharing your story or any thing by which they feel better or motivated .

At the end its individual’s choice . What he or she wants to do ?

Do share what you think about it.

Keep smiling,
Cheers ,
Dewang Vora

2013 –> 2014

By the time I am writing it’s already a New Year in New-Zealand , which I came to know through one of the News channel and curious soul in me Google it and yes It’s new year. Happy New year Guys, here in India still 5+ hours are left to welcome new year.

Last day of the year and the way we do it every year, sit back and think . How year was ? what we have learned?
what we have lost ? How many new friends we have made ? how many people close to heart, have decided to part away ?Balance sheet of our year will be ready with the tick of the clock at 00.01 AM in the night.

whatever happens it’s a consequences of our choices .

Quote from Bhagvad Gita says

“you have the freedom to choose your actions,
you don’t have the freedom to choose the consequences of your actions”.

Year 2013 was of mixed feelings of ups and downs , happiness and sadness , achievements and failures , regrets and let go .
At the end , it’s all about memories and learning you had , how you are growing , how many steps you have taken towards achieving your goals. I am still waiting for the success but I know I have definitely taken a step closer to it.

So many new things I have learned , career has grown from one level to another.
Started new things , new hobbies . continuing few of them and stopped few because of laziness and procrastination.

I have understood one thing keep doing whatever you feel like , you never know what you learn. Do what you want to do , you never know when your life will get over.

My motto for the new year is GO GET IT .

Happy New year ,
Welcome 2014 with New Hopes.


Sword – The Tatoo

I would be lying, If I say I always wanted to have a Tattoo.

After the months of consideration and thinking finally on the evening of May 3rd 2013 , I made up my mind and selected the pattern of the Tattoo I have embossed.
I went to Irezumi in Chennai, on afternoon of May 4th 2013. I had a Quick discussion with the Tattoo Artist and selected the design to imprint on my Left hand.
That was sword.

IMAG0666-1-1 (1)

Few questions which will be very usual once you have the Tattoo.

How much pain you have gone through ?

For me I don’t know why but the pain was negligible and I was smiling through out ,while having Tattoo(May be I was happy with the fact that I am finally having tattoo). If you have a fear for needles than make your heart strong and be sure that you want it. Because it’s gonna hurt you.

What is the meaning of your Tattoo and why you had?

So to all the People who wants to know the meaning of my Tattoo, Sword has several meaning like It’s a sign of Christianity, it’s a sign of Courage , truthfulness , warrior .To me sword means courage and its for the warrior within me. I had this tattoo to remind myself that in every situation if you have courage ,you will win.

To all the people who wants to have Tattoo think twice before having it because once you have it on your body it will be life long companion(unless you don’t go for tattoo removal).


This post is written for Daily Prompt topic Tattoo… you?

let go

How weird it is , once a beautiful moments of togetherness becomes
harsh reality of your life and you have to deal with it.


It’s a tug of war between heart and mind,

heart is in pain, mind is in anger.

heart wants to be in the past and recollect all the memories.

mind wants to be in future and see the world differently.

heart wants someone ,

mind says let go everyone.

Cheers ,










Candy Crush Saga Cheat code

If you are addicted to Candy crush then there are two obstacles which irritates you while playing.

1)waiting for friends help to get into new episode
2)Waiting for 30 minutes to get Life

What if you have unlimited life , If you want then keep reading .

Answer for the first question is …

When you finish a particular level and then Candy crush will ask you to invite friends and they will send you 3 stamp and then you can continue , that is sending spam to your friends and inviting their anger.

So to overcome, disconnect your internet from the phone then It will ask you to complete the Quest , that will be 3 levels which you have already cleared that you have to do it again in order to proceed further.

While completing quest there will be another obstacle that is after completing one level you have to wait for another 24 hours and trust me , its irritating personally I cannot wait.

So to overcome this obstacle what you can do is once you complete one level exit from the game completely and change the timing of your phone by 24 hours, and enter into the game and your another quest is ready to conquer ,then minimize the game and change the Timing of your phone to auto and continue playing once you complete the second quest change phone timing to 48 hours and do the same.

Answer for the second question is ..

It’s unbearable to wait for 30 minutes to get Life or for a friend who will generously send us a life .

To get the unlimited life you have to do is once all your life’s are over, you can exit from the game and change the timing of your phone by 2.30 hours and enter into the game you will have 5 life’s .

If you find this helpful then share it to others and spread the magic of candy crush.

Enjoy Gaming.

Cheers ,