Candy Crush Saga Cheat code

If you are addicted to Candy crush then there are two obstacles which irritates you while playing.

1)waiting for friends help to get into new episode
2)Waiting for 30 minutes to get Life

What if you have unlimited life , If you want then keep reading .

Answer for the first question is …

When you finish a particular level and then Candy crush will ask you to invite friends and they will send you 3 stamp and then you can continue , that is sending spam to your friends and inviting their anger.

So to overcome, disconnect your internet from the phone then It will ask you to complete the Quest , that will be 3 levels which you have already cleared that you have to do it again in order to proceed further.

While completing quest there will be another obstacle that is after completing one level you have to wait for another 24 hours and trust me , its irritating personally I cannot wait.

So to overcome this obstacle what you can do is once you complete one level exit from the game completely and change the timing of your phone by 24 hours, and enter into the game and your another quest is ready to conquer ,then minimize the game and change the Timing of your phone to auto and continue playing once you complete the second quest change phone timing to 48 hours and do the same.

Answer for the second question is ..

It’s unbearable to wait for 30 minutes to get Life or for a friend who will generously send us a life .

To get the unlimited life you have to do is once all your life’s are over, you can exit from the game and change the timing of your phone by 2.30 hours and enter into the game you will have 5 life’s .

If you find this helpful then share it to others and spread the magic of candy crush.

Enjoy Gaming.

Cheers ,