let go

How weird it is , once a beautiful moments of togetherness becomes
harsh reality of your life and you have to deal with it.


It’s a tug of war between heart and mind,

heart is in pain, mind is in anger.

heart wants to be in the past and recollect all the memories.

mind wants to be in future and see the world differently.

heart wants someone ,

mind says let go everyone.

Cheers ,











Chaand | Moon

When moon was shy  and  was hiding behind the clouds.




This photos are clicked by me on Supermoon day, Chennai , India


chaand ki yeh koshish bhi rang nahi layi,

Tujhse jyaada khubsurat lagne ki chaah main,

aaj usne phirse maat khayi

Except “YOU”

My eyes are swollen.
My heart is crying .
My mind is shouting , suddenly world seems different.
I have forgotten how to sleep,I have forgotten how to laugh.
I am searching happiness in material world ,which was always within me.
Beautiful mornings are now dreadful.
Soothing Sun rays are now pain.
Love within me is anger.
Patience within me is inflamed.
Destiny which was kind has become cruel.
Books once i loved are nothing more than a pile of paper.
People around me who were inspiration are now there to make me realize ,
I have everyone, Except “YOU”.


P.S:- Image is taken from http://www.cherrybam.com