Chaand | Moon

When moon was shy  and  was hiding behind the clouds.




This photos are clicked by me on Supermoon day, Chennai , India


chaand ki yeh koshish bhi rang nahi layi,

Tujhse jyaada khubsurat lagne ki chaah main,

aaj usne phirse maat khayi


Weekly Photo Challenge : Curves

This post is Written for Weekly photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Curves LRT Track curve , is so perfect here .

I wonder ,whether this picture would have been complete without this curve.

This image is taken by me in Kualalumpur,malaysia.

When Sun rises

When the sun rises,
Darkness fades,
Moon goes for a rest,
Stars disappears ,
and the beauty of the nature Appears.








This photos are taken by me , Elliot’s Beach,Chennai,India.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Fleeting

This Photo was taken by me at Elliot Beach,Chennai,India.


This Kid Defines a Fleeting moment for me.
He is in Air , Jumping in to the Unstoppable , never ending waves.
Kid has no worries , No enemity just a pure heart of joy and enjoyment.
When he is jumping he has no worries ,Only happiness within him.

It was just a moment , May be what he felt at that point was serene,sacred don’t know what.
But that particular moment when he landed in the water, enjoyed the splash of waves .
He was happy.

It just need a Fleeting moment to make you smile.

Beautiful Morning -Photos

When You feel Life has shattered,
When You feel Life has Nothing to offer,
When You feel everything in this world is senseless,
There is no beauty,
Just wake up in the morning, nature has a lot to offer, a lot to inspire

Beautiful  Morning