Weekly Photo Challenge : Curves

This post is Written for Weekly photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Curves LRT Track curve , is so perfect here .

I wonder ,whether this picture would have been complete without this curve.

This image is taken by me in Kualalumpur,malaysia.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Fleeting

This Photo was taken by me at Elliot Beach,Chennai,India.


This Kid Defines a Fleeting moment for me.
He is in Air , Jumping in to the Unstoppable , never ending waves.
Kid has no worries , No enemity just a pure heart of joy and enjoyment.
When he is jumping he has no worries ,Only happiness within him.

It was just a moment , May be what he felt at that point was serene,sacred don’t know what.
But that particular moment when he landed in the water, enjoyed the splash of waves .
He was happy.

It just need a Fleeting moment to make you smile.