Mirror, Mirror What I Think When I look At You

This POST is Written For Daily Prompt : Mirror, Mirror

When I Look in the Mirror , I see a person who Says ….

May be I am doing what I am not supposed to do,
May be I am doing what I am not good at ,
May be I am not what you thought of ,
May be I am not what everyone wanted me to be ,
But I am what I wanted to be ,
I do what I want to .
I live the way I want to …


Thank you letter to Robin Sharma

I would like to share a Thank you letter which I have written to Robin Sharma who has authored books like “The monk who sold his Ferrari”,”The leader who had no Title”.

Dear  Sir,

First I would like to Congratulate you for all the success you have in your life and I would like to Thank you for all the Changes you have Brought in my life with your Book “The monk who sold his Ferrari”.

I read your Book “The monk who sold his Ferrari” when i was going through a tough time in my life , I have nearly forgotten how to live my life .Then I was 22 years old. I was about to finish my Master’s in computer’s .I was worried about the recession , I was not getting selected for the Job interviews coming in Campus. I was hospitalized with Dengue for a week, It was so severe that I was on a life support system for a day, I nearly met a Death and came back in this world, after that i was on complete rest , no college , no friends nothing .I would call it a sabbatical time of my life .

During that time I purchased your book “The monk who sold his Ferrari” and my journey of understanding my life started . In that book,everything was different , it was not related to my life but what I was able to connect with the worries I had at that time .It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor. you are successful or a complete failure .what matter in life is how much worried you are . That can destroy you. worry will make sure that happiness does not reach you.

But when I finished your book , and i was sure how i want to live my life. One thing I am sure I will be content always .

Now about this mail which I am sending you after 4 years of reading your book .It’s because you came again in my life as an angel , when I was again getting stuck where to go ahead.

Your Book Who will cry when you die?  , Title itself was having an impact on me and when I started reading I started recollecting myself , where I was lost.

I would like to mention i am still reading a book, and your chapter “Develop an honesty philosophy” , when I was reading it ,I agree to your point saying    “we live in a world where people treat their word lightly“. To act on it I checked my last month’s mail and start helping people or started replying to whom I have promised. Still I have not finished helping them but I felt good , I felt content after doing this act of kindness. I will continue doing it and surely will  “Develop an honesty Policy “.
Another Chapter which I just finished and writing you a mail  was “Write Thank you notes ”  and here I am writing to you “Thank you for all the changes you have brought in my life and Thank you for Being Angel and keep inspiring me ,motivating me and teaching life lessons through your wonderful writing”.
Thank you sir, I will always be grateful to you.

What you wanted to be when you were a Kid?

I was talking to one of my friend, Suddenly she popped up a question.She asked

What you wanted to be in your life when you were a kid?

Question was not new. Several times people have asked me or I would have asked people.I never thought on this ,But this time I pushed my self took my time and thought of it . what exactly I wanted to be ? what I am doing now is this what I wanted or I am into wrong profession?

I was not brought up in a very competitive environment by my parents,I never felt that my parents wanted me to out do some relatives kids, or they never expected me to bring X Percentage in my examination.They were happy with whatever I score , they were happy with whatever stream of education I selected.

I still remember few parents, they were in competition more than their kids.After result they were more concerned about others result then their own kid.

Back to the topic what I wanted to be , in my wildest dream when I was a kid . I wanted to be a Doctor and after few years I realized that I am a chatter box , I argue a lot so people said you can be a Advocate.But I was not that ambitious or you can say I was not that motivated or I was not concerned about what I will be after few years  .There was one job I always loved,that was of Waiter.I felt that in that profession you can meet several people , you can talk to them , you can make them laugh, there is lot about it.

Currently I am not a doctor ,not an advocate nor a waiter.Whatever I am doing I am happy.I don’t have to convince myself to go to office on Monday morning or I don’t wait for a weekend to get a break from office.

In childhood ,I was always taught how you can be nice to people, they taught me about treating people equally,they taught me about keeping myself happy ,They taught me about how I can keep myself content even in difficult times.

I have understood one thing , if you taught someone how to be happy and a content, that person will definitely grow in whatever profession he or she will go and they will definitely make world a better place.

Benjamin Franklin once said

Content makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor.

What is your say on this ?


Daily Prompt :Moment of Kindness

This Post is Written for Daily Prompt

Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

What Defines Kindness?

Whenever i think of kindness a Quote Comes in to my mind

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.-Mark Twain

For me Kindness is something which should be a habit irrespective of for whom you are doing. It doesn’t Cost us anything , it’s an effort of making someone happy, making someone comfortable.

I have a incidence which i would love to share ,  security Guard name “Akash” is in my office , he will be always standing at the main entrance when i come to the office ,as i enter with my bike initially he use to stare me the way he looks at everyone, One day i gave him a Big broad smile and from that day itself , we have started sharing a bond whenever he sees me or i see him we will greet each other with a smile. and i tell you guys his smile cheer me up if i am feeling low.

Smile which i once did is paying me now daily. Though my moment of kindness has not cost me but it helps me daily , i Know there is one smiling face waiting to greet me always.

The Grown up Kid | Daily Prompt : Tagline

This  Post  is written for Daily Post

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

If humans  have a tagline , how wonderful the world will be , People’s intention, behavior, Character .Everything will be known by the tagline. No need to understand ,No need to judge .

All you have to do is ask them their Tagline .

When i show this post the Tagline came to my mind wasn’t Prompt , I gave a bit of thought.

Undoubtedly my Tagline should be.

 The Grown up kid.

No matter how Grown up I will be , the kid within me will always be there .

May be innocence of a kid is Gone with all the lesson Life has taught , But enjoying every moment like a kid is must.

May be I am busy achieving Goals , But enjoying happiness in every moment is must.

May be my eyes wants to shed a tear ,But smile on my face like a kid is must .