Sword – The Tatoo

I would be lying, If I say I always wanted to have a Tattoo.

After the months of consideration and thinking finally on the evening of May 3rd 2013 , I made up my mind and selected the pattern of the Tattoo I have embossed.
I went to Irezumi in Chennai, on afternoon of May 4th 2013. I had a Quick discussion with the Tattoo Artist and selected the design to imprint on my Left hand.
That was sword.

IMAG0666-1-1 (1)

Few questions which will be very usual once you have the Tattoo.

How much pain you have gone through ?

For me I don’t know why but the pain was negligible and I was smiling through out ,while having Tattoo(May be I was happy with the fact that I am finally having tattoo). If you have a fear for needles than make your heart strong and be sure that you want it. Because it’s gonna hurt you.

What is the meaning of your Tattoo and why you had?

So to all the People who wants to know the meaning of my Tattoo, Sword has several meaning like It’s a sign of Christianity, it’s a sign of Courage , truthfulness , warrior .To me sword means courage and its for the warrior within me. I had this tattoo to remind myself that in every situation if you have courage ,you will win.

To all the people who wants to have Tattoo think twice before having it because once you have it on your body it will be life long companion(unless you don’t go for tattoo removal).


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