Thinking too much

“Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”

I read a Quote by Peter Tosh and thought of sharing

This quote has no connection with the thoughts going on in my mind, Sometimes the way bombardment of the thoughts take place in my tiny little mind. I wonder where the hell they come from . I feel blessed that I meditate or else this overflow of thoughts would have drive me crazy.

Mind keep wondering here , there and everywhere . It’s like a horse without bridle.people say I have a problem I think 100 things but do only one or two out of it for them I am incompetent Person who don’t do what he thinks .But for me It is Like I think a lot of things so that I can do what I like most,I always have options to select .Common at the end its my own thoughts and its up to me which to select and which to not . what do you do ?

“Eat to live, don’t live to eat.” — Benjamin Franklin

Eat to live or live to eat , This is real big question for me . I have admired Benjamin franklin for few of his ideology but when I heard about this quote and see that it was a quote by him . I was aback what ?  why ? He would have said this . I cannot eat to live , I live to eat. For foodie like me ,where trying new food is passion . it’s dilemma .

what’s your say ??